Did gaijin flip the bird on sweden by not giving them the J9 Early

The J9 Early would have been a awesome TT Vehicle Or even a Premium for Sweden but Gaijin decided to make it a Event vehicle that we could not even sell / Purchase on the Marketplace!

J 9 above


J 9 Bagagerum
J 9 cockpit above
J 9 side rear
J 9 side

The J9 Early is tons better than the J20 with the fact that Sweden did not even get HE 12.7 Belt and only a horrendous tracer belt. With the current ammunition the J20 has it cant even deal any measurable amount of damage without depleting half or more of its total ammo capacity!

This isnt unique to sweden many nations gaijin does this type of thing. Its annoying when its on a nation that doesnt have much already but its a general practice gaijin lives by.

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High chance that they’ll add the J9 RBv to the tree instead, it will be significantly worse but still, its something.

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The “J9 Early” that Sweden got is actually thee S 9 C, a recon J 9, so the actual J 9 is still up for grabs in the tree and the fact that they they called it the J9 Early as opposed to just the J9 indicates that we will get a tech tree J 9. I don’t have a source to back this up, but that’s what it indicates to me.

I really hope Sweden gets a tech tree J 9, it needs it. There are still 3 they could add: the J 9, J 9 RBv, and J 9 (1944). The S 9 C we got is based on the base J 9, not the RBv or 1944. The 1944’s only difference from the J 9 is having an extended air intake thingy or whatever it is on the top of the nose.

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The early part only applies to the a 10 in which we got a late and early. F14A early then no late version of the A just the B model. In that same strain they should rename the CV90120 to the CV90120-T early as its the first production model and no the later T model with hardkill APS and remote control commander gun. Really early is just a way for gaijin to think about adding a later variant but by the time they get around to it they just add a different model.

that is just confusing… why not name the vehicles after what they actually are?

This is objectively false. The “early” A-10 is the 1979 variant and the “late” is the 1983 variant. As for the F-14, “Early” is just Gaijin’s way of not using block numbers. The “Early” F-14A is the F-14A-65-GR which was the first production F-14A. The F-14A went all the way to the F-14A-140-GR, and the same goes for the F-14B. We have the latest F-14B ingame: the F-14B-150-GR.

It is super confusing. Gaijin is really bad at naming things. Their names are often flat out wrong. That’s why I run a lang mod.