Did China ever use 105mm APDS?

I know that China imported the L7, and also imported M111/DM23 APFSDS, but did they ever use APDS rounds like L28A1, or did they ‘skip’ straight to APFSDS? For example, on the ZTZ-59-II, what ammunition was used?

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Isnt that an APFSDS shell? a Tungsten alloy version of the DU L27A1.

Or did they do the usual confusing thing of reusing old names?

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Yep, same name as the 120mm APFSDS, but instead APDS from the 50s, exported to US as M392/A1/A2.


Not that I’ve heard of, but if they did, it wasn’t for very long. M111 came out in the late 70s, and production of the Type 59-II started in 1982 if I recall, so the round would have been in production for a couple years at least by the time the Type 59-II came around.

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You know, UK mains cry for L28A1, but they have it on the Cent 10 (that also shares missing mantlet armor, what a coincidence) and Vic mk 1 for years.