[Development] Testing out the Severe Damage mechanic

It says all engines specifically, I don’t think it counts

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I’m not sure if this means “destroy all but 1 engine” or “destroy the last remaining engine”


I am confused about that as well


Is there some Smin HD english DLC we can buy?

Oh it’s Orson, nvm

Can we get clarification @OrsonES

Congratulations to Gaijin this time! Sounds like a very positive change to the game, something which unfortunately is rare.

Doing severe damage and getting that kill as the match ends may compensate the kills that finish the tickets and never count. Now deal with the “subtraction” of kills in Ground Battles where the kill or kills that finish the tickets still don’t count, meaning no score, no RP and no SL, and the feeling of being “robbed” of them.

EDIT: I take it all back if it keeps the death after the end of the match, this will be very negative to the game and to the players which will have to pay for a repair cost although they survived. Still I think that kills that finish the tickets should always count as it was due to them that the match ended and not the other way around.

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Fantastic idea, thank you for taking the time to make this in a test environnement.
Though personally I think this mechanic would be greatly enhanced if it came alongside a general rework of the flight performance of lightly damaged aircraft. Too often I see minor damage influence aerodynamic characteristics far too heavily. It’s a secondary and far less important issue, but there should be some thought about it as well.
Thank you for your work.


how about kill-assists? I would expect that their number decreases with this new mechanic. This may be making corr. bp-tasks more difficult to achieve…?!

The one thing I hate about this is the extremely long message… “A severely damaged aircraft has been killed” or something.
It’s way too long and distracting for a high-intensity environment, and I feel something with the tag “Assisted Kill” or “Aircraft Destroyed - Assist” would be much better, instead of having a full length sentence as a kill message.


This is more than likely going to count as an assist

in the actual logic if you inflict critical damage and the plane was killed by a team-mate you get a assist. As far as I understood - in future you may inflict severe damage and you will get a kill - not a assist.

For what I’ve read you get the kill counted instead. If you do the severe damage you’ll get the kill if it’s finished off, and if you finish it you also get the kill, so better change that task for kills instead just in case.
I think it’s a bit messy in terms of kill count cause you’ll end with more kills than dead planes at the end of the match, but seems that at least some of the kill assists will turn into kills in the statistics.

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This sound very interesting, looking forward to trying it and seeing how it behaves in practise :)

Question @Stona_WT :
will “severe damage” and/or “finishing off” count towards wagers or tasks that require kills and or assists?

does this mean that if a plane gets severe damage by me , lands and repairs, flies out again and gets killed by an ally of mine, i get a kill count to statistics? do i then get the last 20% reward?

does this run the risk/chance of severely damaging the same plane several times by several different people (with repair between) and they all getting a kill count to the scoreboard?


If you inflict severe damage, you get 80% of the reward of a kill and a 0+1 mark on your kill list.
The teammate that killed the enemy simply gets 1 kill.

I meant a critical hit, not an assist in the prior comment.

The way I am taking it you have to destroy all the engines or destroy the last engine to get the Severe Damage. Thus destroying an engine on a single engine aircraft would be a Severe Damage however destroying only one engine on a multi-engine aircraft would just be a Critical Hit. In order to get the Severe Damage you would then need to be the player to knock out the last engine.

For example say you and another fighter are attacking a BV 238. The 2 of you are focusing on the engines and you manage to take out all but one engine and the other player gets the last one but you shoot down the 238. You would get the Critical Hit for the engines you knocked out, they would get the Severe Damage and you would get the Target Destroyed.

Again this is based on how I am understanding it to work.


e.g. F3D-1, F-4C, F-4E, A-7K, Jaguar E, Strikemaster, and many bombers.
Strangely enough helicopters aren’t modeled like that while they should be as usually both crew can control the vehicle IRL.

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Critical hit tasks are already much more difficult this month, apparently due to changes they made in the background here, as instakill shots are no longer counted as crits.


If a by me servere damaged plane is killed by team I also get a kill count. But the BP-tasks with assists I try to avoid as they are often frustrating - not to finish a plane right before your guns…

I think this is a pretty positive change so far, i don’t know what it will be like in game but that’s another thing. I don’t know how the assist rewardis now, but i think the 40% reward for finishing off someone with servere damage, could lead to an increase the amount of kill stealing due to the fact that you might get a higher reward for doing so. I experince it a lot and it’s already annyoing, and i fear these changes might just make it worse. I hope these words might make an inpact at just respond if you have similar thoughts
(Sorry for the spelling mistakes, english is not the best)

I would love if the pop up was in orange/yellow just to make clear at a glance that you didnt kill the player but mearly crippled them, since quite a few aircraft still have very good capability even after being crippled

just to visualise:
Severe Damage
Severe Damage

instead of it being red like the kill pop up