Developer Response

Can we please get a technical statement from Gaijin developers regarding the state of the servers and network?

There’s been a lot of complaint lately of packet losses, chokes and server/network related issues in the game and we can’t make out what’s really wrong.

I am playing game daily, no Packet loss, no issues with ping nor disconnections.
If you have problems, please submit valid topic here, with necessary data.
I do not know where you saw “a lot of complains lately of packet loss”. I am checking this section and see non except one made yesterday (without any detailed info).

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For reference, he’res a few:

As for necessary data, well, it’s kinda hard to do exactly when my closest server is over 1500Km away and I have to navigate through Cogent’s network.

At this point, Gaijin developers know more than I do, so I’m asking.

So I answered you. No one here reported anything like that. I play every day and have no such issues. I guess I got good connection to server.
Random post without any details give me nothing. No info on server selection, date, game mode, nothing.

I think very few consistent ping issues are on devs its mostly players with not stable connections even good ones do that. The issue with both teams disconnecting in naval still happening every now and then even though got passed to devs 9 months ago or earlier which is sad and is clearly game side issue.

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