Dev server vehicles

Hello, I am new in the Dev Server and I would like to ask a question concerning EXP and the tree vehicles.

How to unlock the tree vehicles if you cannot earn EXP?

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dev server’s intention is for testing incoming vehicles and others, not to grind in it, u can do it in the live server, any exp u earn in there is not real and will not be once u leave the dev server.



But thats what im planning to do, unlock the vehicles to test them. I downloaded the Dev Server to test a few upcoming vehicles.

Thank you for your answer

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If you are not close to those vehicles you can’t test them. You can only realistically test a vehicle if you have the one before it. Also the test server closes tomorrrow

So I can’t unlock any? Am I only able to test the starter/reserve vehicles?

Your progress from the live server is copied to the test server. The same rules for test flight/drive apply on the dev server, those being you can only test drive vehicles you own, the ones you can buy (be it with silver, gold or real money) and the ones you can research. If you only have reserve vehicles that’s the only thing you can play. Seeing as you have 4 battles I am assuming that’s the case. This seems weird if you are coming from something like R6S where all the operators are unlocked on the dev server, but there is some justification to it.

EDIT: keep in mind the dev server is for bug reporting mainly, at least on paper

Alright, thank you for telling me, but by the way, it isn’t my main account, my main one is steam-linked and I have more than 1000 battles.

Just login on the dev server with that account then.