Dev Server Opening with Major Update "Sons of Attila"! 12.09.2023

Dev Server Opening with Major Update “Sons of Attila”! 12.09.2023

Preliminary changelog for “Sons of Attila” Major Update

The Dev Server will be opening today featuring the new War Thunder “Sons of Attila” Major Update!

You can download the Dev Client here.

From 15:00 GMT, September 12th

To 07:00 GMT, September 15th

For technical reasons, the dev server may close immediately at any time before the indicated time!

The Dev Server may close any time so please make the most out of the opening window!

  • The list of available maps in Ground Battles: Test Site - 2271 and all the maps we mentioned in latest RoadMap article.

  • In Air Arcade Battles, only available map will be: Rocky Pillars

  • The Rocky Pillars map for aircraft battles is planned to be available in both air AB and air RB. Right now on the DEV server in air RB you can encounter the arcade version (mode/mission) of the map, because RB version is still in the works.

Key changes from previous dev servers

  • The conditions for completing tasks to obtain camouflages for vehicles have been significantly reworked.
  • The images of vehicles in stat cards have been replaced with renderings in the same style.
  • New weather presets.

This is a preliminary update. Expect to see bugs and inconsistencies in this opening of the dev server. The content you see should not be taken as final and will likely be changed, added to or indeed removed on final release.

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A summary of the key changes for this dev server session:

In this latest dev server testing, new weather conditions have been added — this will significantly increase the diversity while in battles. We’ve tried to adjust the weather options in such a way that does not affect visibility, especially for aviation. Dynamic tone mapping is now enabled in the PostFX settings by default — this change toggles the contrast filter settings, depending on the time of day of the mission. When the sun is behind or in front of you, bright snow that covers maps will not affect your gameplay as much, and vehicles located in the shadows have become more visible at the current level of illumination.

All vehicles in the game have received new and nicer images on their stat cards. Now, they’re all made in the same style — we hope that you’ll like it and that they are easier to see.

There are also new conditions for completing tasks that are required to obtain vehicle camouflages. In general, the conditions for obtaining the first camouflage have been reduced, and the research of new ones has become more logical and uniform, taking into account the type of vehicle and gamemode.

The progress of your test account on the dev server was not reset, and will be the same progress that you had at the end of the previous dev server test session. And, as always with dev servers, achievements as well as earned and spent in-game currency are not transferred to the live, main game servers. This also applies to any Golden Eagles, Silver Lions, and Research Points that are spent on the dev server — it will not be subtracted from your live server account.


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