Dev server on steam

As the title suggests, add the dev server as either a downloadable beta in Steam>Warthunder>Properties>Beta, or have it as a launch option. Alternatively you can add as a separate item in the steam library.

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We do not have such plans.

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it would save so much space on peoples PC’s.

No it would not.
Dev server needs to have separate game directory.

It doesn’t need a separate directory. I’ve helped windows users use their current install directory to update to dev server and revert to save on storage space. So it can quite easily be done. Alongside the fact that for the Linux cient, the dev server is accessed through a config file change that uses the current directory the game is installed in. Possibly doable on windows as well, not heard back from the person I was testing it with the other day.

But yea, you definitely can do it without a different directory. If the same procedure is applied from the Linux client, you could quite easily introduce a steam beta for this purpose that would update config files. Assuming that doesn’t work at present. The method I’ve used to help people is rename the base launcher with a .bak extension and replacing it with the dev server launcher, so even if the config method fails, this could be another route for a beta option for steam.