[DEV] F-4F KWS LV (ICE) outclassed by a mile at BR 12.7

The F-4F KWS LV (ICE) is (in it curren state) cvompletly outclassed in BR12.7

4 Aim120 and 4 Aim-9L (not M!) and stimm with the flight performance ofd an Phantom ist just a joke.
As soon you spend the Aim120 youre dead in the water(Air).

A litte Quote from your forum Post from May 28th:

“For this one, we’re primarily talking about the A-10A, A-10A Late, Su-25, Su-25K and A-6E TRAM, which populate these Battle Ratings in Air Battles and have all-aspect missiles. The flight performance characteristics of these aircraft after expending air-to-air missiles does not allow them to fight equally with aircraft that have higher speeds and thrust-to-weight ratios, which is why these aircraft can only effectively fight with aircraft that have similar characteristics.”

I wouls say, you can apply this to the F-4F KWS LV (ICE) too. ;)

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Using GEN2 fighters with inferior equipment and weapons against GEN4 fighters is a big joke.

Especially when the other TT even has 1-3 different Gen4 fighter options, the German treatment is especially superior - ridiculous.

And regardless of air combat or CAS, Germany has always performed poorly, either fighter had been 3~12 months late ,powerless fighters, or with both shortcomings.

and next major update, we will see it all happen again.

if the solution to fill the gap between 29G and EF2k is F4F KWS, and if that’s the answer, I don’t think anyone would agree.


At 12.7 the F-4F ICE is dead on arrival. It never stood a chance.

The really silly part? There are American and Italian Harriers sitting at a lower BR that have BOTH the AMRAAM and the AIM-9M. Yes, BOTH.

And no, the F-4 being supersonic does not merit the BR based on speed alone. The FM performance is still crap compared to it’s competitors. It is STILL just an F-4…

I agree with conclusion of previous posts. F-4F KWS LV should be downgraded to BR 12.3 to have a reasonable chance to shine.