Detailed information surrounding Spall Liners in War Thunder

In War Thunder, we try to add as much detail as possible to various types of combat vehicles. Spall liner is a new armored vehicle protection feature that we introduced in the Air Superiority update, which we know is widely discussed on all platforms. We’d like to explain in detail how this mechanic works, and what its capabilities and limitations are.

In the near future, we’ll be making an additional post addressing your concerns with spall liners for MBTs in general.

First up, let’s take a look at what the spall liner is in reality. The spall liner is part of the structural protection of an armored combat vehicle, designed to reduce the damaging effect in the main compartment once a tank is penetrated. To do this, liners are attached inside of the main compartment. Material such as fabrics made from aramid fiber are most often used, but other materials are also used occasionally too. These liners help to stop part of the fragmentation flow, reducing the cone of fragment dispersion and therefore reducing the damaging effect caused by armor penetration.

In the game, the effect of a spall liner is implemented as follows: inside the main fighting compartment, directly after the main portion of a tank’s armor, a module is present that imitates spall liner material. These modules have the same size and shape depending on the vehicle and how it is laid out in a vehicle in real life. Taking into account the thickness and resistance coefficient, the current spall liner has a protective equivalent of 2 mm of rolled armor alongside the normal armor amount.

This module also has a structural strength parameter, which is noticeably less strength than the energy caused by a HEAT or APFSDS projectile fired from a tank. Therefore, once penetrated and hit by a powerful projectile, the spall liner is then destroyed.

Secondary fragments from penetration of armor by a HEAT or APFSDS projectile have armor penetration in the range equivalent to 3 to 30 mm of rolled homogeneous armor. This wide spread in variation is due to the simulation of fragments of different sizes and energies formed when armor is penetrated. In the game, a fragmentation stream consists of several groups of fragments with different angles of expansion, having different armor penetration and damage. The more powerful the fragments, the narrower the cone of their dispersion and the smaller their number is. It may seem that there’s an inconsistency here, where the 2 mm of spall liner should not have any effect on the fragmentation flow at all. But if we take into account the fact that when breaking through armor, each fragment also takes into account the angle of contact with the armor, then everything is consistent.

Fragments following a small angle of deviation from a projectile’s trajectory enter the spall liner with a small angle of impact, and the equivalent protection is not enough to stop them. These fragments travel further into the fighting compartment and can damage tank modules and crew. Fragments flying with a large deviation hit the lining at a large angle, so that even a 2 mm equivalent is enough to stop them. Of course the greater the penetration of a fragment, the fewer such fragments can be stopped by the spall liner, and the amount of fragment spread will be minimally reduced and vice versa. The weaker the fragment, the greater the effect the spall liner has.

The parameters that we set up are made in such a way to slightly reduce the armor effect of powerful APFSDS projectiles and more noticeably affect the damaging effect of HEAT ammo, which coincides with information about real tests of this type of protection.

We’d like to also clarify that other than adding spall liners, we did not change the damage model settings. The parameters of the fragmentation field (number, range and penetration of fragments) has remained the same as before the update. However, we’ve noticed your feedback about the reduction of fragments after penetration. After checking, we found an error that was discovered in the game code that appeared during the process of refactoring game logic, leading to a decrease in the number of secondary fragments for some weapons. This issue has been found and fixed, and at the moment, the algorithms for fragments after penetration are working as intended.

We’d like to thank you for your feedback surrounding the spall liner and issues with fragment penetration.


Fix the challenger 2’s mantlet. Please put me out of my misery


Try not to overreact challenge: impossible.

So the DM53 is the best ammunition?

When has it not?

Can you read? The DM53 has the new mechanics
(Splinter protection film) got a big buff.

When will fuel tanks to close to armor plate eating 100% shrapnell when hit point is on plate even after being destroyed will be fixed tho. Currently kv1 and other side fuel tank way more effective spall liner than modern ones.

Unless I misread this, I didn’t see any mentioning of spall liners coming to more vehicles, particularly the American Abram series and M60s. Hopefully this isn’t a “wait until some undisclosed/later date in 2024”.


I love when they come out to explain how the spall liner works, but instead they don’t correct the horrendous damage pattern of most bullets. Do they not realize that there are many bullets that penetrate and do not generate any spalling? Why in bullets? like the Full AP or HEAT, it is not unusual for them to penetrate but only do damage exclusively due to the passage of the bullet inside the tank, not due to the spalling that is deflected more to the sides of the bullet’s trajectory, and all this without counting the death ball from the APHE which is something that should have changed years ago. But nothing happens, now they explain to us how things work that don’t already work well in other Br vehicles.
I don’t know if it’s for laughing or crying.

Well that is one hell of a useless article, shame i still cant comment on the official news ones. But the general idea of Spall liners is wrong that they only are in the inside of the tanks, when some are integrated into the layers


Where did you see this information?

Gaijin will pull every excuse to not give the Abrams proper armor, let alone spall liners


Yes, yes I can. This combo of letters does not appear anywhere in the devblog. Do you know what a question is?

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So essentially you’re defining spall liners so that the MUST be the last layer before the crew compartment, inlayed/baked spall liners don’t count. This is just an excuse to not give the Abrams its spall liner, full stop.

Like how can the argument for the Abrams not having a spall liner by Gaijin unironically be “A liner that is designed to reduce and/or catch spall is not actually a spall liner because it is not draped on the walls of the crew compartment like a curtain”?


So only Russia mains get this. Awesome.

Hello everybody.

While this feature looks very interesting on paper, its one of those features that shouldnt be added into game. Why? Its pretty simple. War Thunder is PvP game, which means it should be skill based. Better wins. If you make a mistake, enemy teams wins. If you do everything right, you should be rewarded. That is very basic fundamental rule of PvP game. Spall liner doesnt contribute to this at all. Actually, its exact opposite. It makes damage even more inconsistent that it is without spall liners.

Yesterday I experienced situation which perfectly demonstrates this issue. I was holding street with my Leopard 2. T90M pushed and showed me its side prefectly. I shot it in the middle bellow turret but didnt make any damage. I got killed and lose this duel. Its just very stupid and unfair.

I dont care that spall liners are used in reality. War Thunder is PC game and Gaijin needs to understand this. Spall liners make this game even more luck-based instead of skill-based, which is very unfortunate.

Also one very important point. Spall liner isnt really a new feature. We have fuel tanks that work in very similar way and also make tank duels very unfair. Yes, they can explode but it they dont, they eat all spalling and you may end up dealing minimal damage. Fuel tanks should be reworked, they should create some spalling.

Please, remove spall liners.

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where did you get that from? Germany and Sweden gets more liners than Russia currently. and more are in review and yet to be decided on.

War Thunder isn’t a PvP game like LoL, CoD or WoW.

Great emphasis is put in the simulation aspects that try to make of it a realistic and historical game. It’s not the kind of game that cares only about competitiveness and nothing else.

So you intentionally turn this game into some MLG skill-based ultra reflex game?
Was a lot more fun when mental skills were more important than mechanical ones.

i would argue its even more towards the still and mechanical now, now you also have to know what tank has spall liner where and aim where its absent.