Desynced Tracer visuals

I’m a pretty new old timer, so forgive me if this has been asked or suggested before.
It’s a very minor thing, but it’s noticable so I thought I would bring it up.

When firing with tracers selected (ammo other than stealth), the tracers for each similarly calibered weapon all come out at the same time. this is particularly pronounced with american fighters where there are 6 or 8 50.s all pulsing their tracer round at exactly the same time.

My suggestion, for the sake of immersion, is to allow for the tracers rounds to have some variation so that not all guns would be firing their tracer round at the same instant creating a ‘pulse…pulse… pulse’ type of visual instead of the firey hose of death unleashed when all guns are firing at the same time.

The guns, though identical, would all have minor variation in timing, rof and where the tracers were in the ammo belt and this should be reflected in game by not synching the tracers up.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for the great game.

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I love the idea though it might not be as easy to implement as it’d seem. I think all the guns are currently programmed to sync with the selected ammo belt layout for that set of guns. But it also can’t be that hard to implement just having a randomised start point in that belt layout.

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