Desser Warrior - General Discussion

Britain finnaly gets a Proper IFV for its Higher Lineups but i am wondering how it sits at the same BR as the M3A3, BMP 2M etc.
Shouldnt it be more 9.3-9.7 since it lacks Thermals (could be just DEV server), a comparabel ATGM count (only 4 ATGMs in 2 tubes, the “norm” would be around 8) or maby LWS/IRST ( dont now if it would had those but i think to read somewhere that it would have the same/similiar optics as the M3A3).
This could also help as close range AA Duty instead ouer Sad 11.3 AA called Stormer.
I would say in its current presentation its 9.7 Material at best.
But its still Dev server so things could change for it.

Whats is your opinion?


I’m going to wait until the update release to have a strong opinion on this, because It’s just impossible that the Desert Warrior sits at 10.0 just like the Dardo or Bradley when it doesn’t have thermals or a meaningful ATGM count, it’s just inferior in all aspects to these vehicles.

So, I will assume this is a Dev Server thing and it will get Gen 2 thermals (like the previous existing Warrior) and more ATGM’s.

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If it’s a bug on the development server that it can launch missiles on the move, then in my opinion, it’s a worse version of Dardo