Des Moines class cruisers

Right now there are two Des Moines class heavy cruisers in game, USS Des Moines and USS Newport News, neither of which are tech tree. USS Des Moines is no longer available for purchase but still remains playable for those who own it. I think it is unreasonable not to have a tech tree variant of this class in game, especially since USS Roanoke was recently added to the tech tree and was constructed during the same time frame as the Des Moines class ships.

USS Salem should be added to the tech tree. On a similar note: Algerie should come to the French tech tree as well, along with multiple other ships the French tech tree needs to become viable.

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Why another ship that dies on a shot from everything that hits it, and even more so from BB

Because I want ships I like in game, plus that fire rate bullies in a down tier.

But yea I guess I’m just hoping that cruisers become more playable if higher tier BBs ever come in, since hopefully that would decompress the BR spread.


At this point, when it appears on the BB, the cruiser is immediately attacked

The problem is that the Des Moines class is very easy to kill, in fact right now I can’t think of any other ship that can be destroyed so easily.

You missed Roanoke

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I have not investigated it and I have only been able to face this ship once, not enough to draw conclusions on my part.

I wholeheartedly agree that Des Moines should be in the tech tree. It isn’t some exotic experimental ship or some incomplete production that traditionally warrants premiums but a full fledged class and is ultimately America’s top gun cruiser historically. Yeah, it might be easy to kill, but then again so is other ships with ammo rack above the waterline.

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