Derby being Notched cause of its loft angle?/ Losing energy too fast when diving on target

The derby ingame gets notched sometimes cause of its loft angle (it dives in from a higher angle than other fox 3s) so sometimes it gets notched much easier than other fox 3s. Am i the only one having this problem ?

2nd Thing
When diving on a target it loses energy too quickly for the missile to hit the target

Can you provide a recording of such?

I don’t have it saved but i can go scour my replays hold on

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dont need a recording when it happens every game (when firing at targets lower than you)

“It happens every game” is not a detailed description of what causes the issue. Come back with a recording.

It’s literally just the missile notching itself because of the loft
idk how more detailed you need it to be

The missile got spoofed after that
It’s literally diving 90 degrees on the target notching itself

The missile… Notching itself? Last I checked the missile doesn’t lock itself, nor can it lose lock on itself when it can’t lock itself.

I’ve already described what I needed. Learn to read

I still see a “track” status.

Yeah because it regained lock after it got behind the plane

I sure do love the recording showing the missile losing lock and then reacquiring. It truly is informative.

Thanks for the help. You really are a productive person.

Cause it had regained lock after it wasn’t perpendicular to the aircraft it still got notched.


Nevermind it the clips all showed the missile was still “tracking” i guess it was a kinetic issue instead