Demonstrator aircrafts for french top tier?

With the upcoming Grippen and probably more top tier aicrafts for various tech trees. I think that adding the Rafale A01 ( the demonstrator version of the Rafale ) into the game along or after the grippen would be a good idea. The Rafale A01 can only carry 4x Matra 530D, the current fox 2 for the mirage 2000 in game, and 2x magic 2 fox 1 missiles.
This version wont break the game when added and will make France more bearable to play at top teir (basically a better airframe compared to the mirage 2000 with 2 more ok missiles).
There is also the Rafale B01 ( the twin seater version of the prototype) and the Rafale C01 which imporves on the Rafale A01 prototype. Both of them can also only carry 6 missiles (the same ones). One of the 3 prototypes, probably the C01, can become a top tier premium for the wallet warriors and Gaijin. The A01 can go in the fighter side of the tech tree after the Mirage 2000 S5 and the B01 can go after the Mirage 2000 B on the twin seater ground support side of the tech tree.
Rafale B01:

Rafale C01:

To rival the F-14 and its upcoming variants its also possible to add a heavy missile truck to the french air tree in the form of the Super Mirage 4000 (basically just a twin engine Mirage 2000) which can only carry the same missiles as the Rafale A or the Mirage 2000 in game. Just more of them (up to 14 magics-> 4x 3magics per hardpoint + 2x 1magic or 4x Matra 530D + 2x 1magic)
Super Mirage 4000:


Both aircrafts (Rafale A01 and Super Mirage 4000)
I must say that the Rafale A01 probably could not mount a radar because it was an early protype but the B01 and the C01 probably could.


yes she is one se xy girl

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Yea but id rather they fix the Thales RDY first lmao

MY guy these are clearly MICAs

It was supposed to get the RACAAS which is just the prototype name of RDY that ended on the Mirage 2000-5 as the USSR fell and the need for a new aircraft was alleviated.

Furthermore the Rafale A was planned to do up to 8 MICAs, i would understand limiting it to 4 ventrals + 2 underwing + 2 wingtips magics for fairness but only 4 would only make it a bigger Mirage 2000-5 (since its supposed to use MICAs and not 530D)

Same happened for DDM (MAWS system)

So fi you really want a what-if Rafale A, the most accurate would be to take all A/A weaponry you have on the -5 and slap it on the Rafale A.

And let’s not forget VVC Topsight HMDS that was meant for it (thoug the test pilot used an H872 helmet)