DEFA (30mm) new ammunition belt HEI, HEF API-T destroyed accurate shooting

30 mm DEFA cannon — the set of rounds, composing the filling of the belts for all DEFA cannons have been adjusted to HEI, HEF API-T. In this patch, which cartridges are included in the Ammunition belt was changed, which made the shooting terrible, due to the difference in the speed of the cartridges. To understand, HEI, HEF are 820 m/s and API-T is 760 m/s. When shooting such an Ammunition belt, it is impossible to adjust the shooting, since the projectiles have different trajectories, and especially which one has a tracer. Previously, the speed of the projectiles was the same, because there was no API-T, instead there was a high-explosive projectile with a tracer.
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