Decrease in PvP rates?

Hello. I play helicopter PvE and was playing for the top 100 ranking.
The first is a screenshot from March 27. The second is a screenshot from March 28.

Look at the PvP rates in the rankings.It has decreased by approximately 180,000 scores. What does this mean?To regain the 180,000 score, they would need to play a significant amount of time in helicopter PvE.As an avid helicopter PvE player, I need to hear more about why.
Has the formula changed? Or did someone delete the helicopter PvP results? This needs a detailed explanation from the developer. Please don’t take away my fun😨

if you hover the symbol above the number you can read more info.
but the rating is lowered 25% for everyone every two weeks.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I apologize for being so surprised and jumping the gun. I can’t believe I was always looking at the ranking numbers and I wasn’t looking at the PvP rates…
Your advice helped me find this article.
So these two weeks are the critical time for me to make it into the top 100?
Thank you very much.

yes, but if you make it there you should still stay there for a time as 25% lowered is for everyone.

i also don’t fully understand how it is calculated as it stats that only the earnings of battles where the battles rating is higher than the players are counted.
but i don’t fully understand what that means.