Decompression : Don't move the AMX 30 B up

Title says it all.
Sure the AMX is firing HEAT but that’s about it. The thing has no stab (which he really needs), no solid round and no armour.
At least let the first one at 7.7 where it already struggles against much things.

You are right, but like everyone in this forum “each one sweeps for his house” is a proverb that is said a lot in my country, I don’t know if the translation will be correct, but I think you understand what I mean, right?
The thing about the amx, centurions, leopards, magach, t54 bothers me, everyone in general, raising the plug in the br system is not the solution, with this change vehicles without a stabilizer and laser rangefinder are destined for disuse, more than one The measure to decongest the ww2 vehicles seems more like a measure to “provoke” the players to play higher tier and forget about the intermediate vehicles, I don’t know… all these are my ramblings.
The only sure thing is that after more than 20,000 readings of the br change thread and more than 1,200 opinions, mostly all against the change (although most have also been like the thread that you have created, for and for your interest). own), gaijin has not turned back, except for 3 or 4 minor changes.

Hi, I thing hat a good solution would be that in the high br the battle rating shoul be +0.5 than +1
je pense que dans les hauts br le battle rating devrait etre +0.5 au lieu de +1

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Yeah I understand and I agree, cold war tanks are now going to be unplayable

Could be a good idea.
Pourrait être une bonne idée.

Many possible solutions have been exposed, but gaijin never talks about this topic or the little he does talk is to say “it can’t be done” or “the waiting times will get worse”.
In another digression of my own, I’ve always found the -1 +1 system to be more of a tool to limit players than to improve the cooldown time to get into battle. But as I say again … ramblings, to affirm all this, statistics and data are needed that we do not have.