Dear gaijiner do please give M4/T26 M304

without m304 the m4/t26 in 6.0 face to tiger is so weak. m36 have m304 but in 5.3. that’s unbelievable!

You have problems penning a flat 100mm plat with 185mm pen?

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shot tiger face need m304.

Well then manybe don’t watch history channel all day saying how “invincible” it is.

Tiger has no armor against the US 90mm.

You just have a huge skill issue.

that giant skill issue yeah, the tiger has massive weakspot, you just have to aim for those besides that the tiger is a heavy tank, if it is hulldown it is supposed to be hard to be penetrated, what is the whole point of heavys if you can flat pen them?, use americas advantages and flank the german tanks

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Volumetric dude. I cant tell you how many times my 90 just non penned on that plate despite almost having double the pen

What, the 5 mph speed advantage on a straight line based map? Most good tigers will be hard to flank or snipe my guy