Dealey class Destroyer Escort USS Dealey DE-1006 thread,

So I can’t think of a title but I’m just gonna make it a main thread I guess.

Thoughts I’ve had on testing the new Dealey class Destroyer Escort,

G’day I’m working my way to unlocking this vessel currently an through the few test sails & just general reading on the class I’m confused on a few things an might just wanted some answers maybe?

First: randefinders,

Why doesn’t it have an operational Rangefinder/Fire Directors for the GFCS? Other ships with this armament have the same directors an the model has a director above the bridge & one just ahead of the aft Mk. 34 mount, Yet these are static models an so don’t give this ship any ability to range.

The closest ships is the Isuzu class DDE an it has the rangefinder/fire directors are modelled in the same locations.

Second: ships, armament & configurations.

A, Why is it in a early fit? Like yeah squid mortars woah, Too bad the devs can’t seem to model those as seen by the Type 41 AA Frigate having the same model (along with various Battles/Darings too which have the reload rails but a metal plate where the mortar would sit).

B, Why the Dealey? From what I’ve read it was the prototype ship of the class an armed with squid mortars after another weapon failed, An not one of the sisters with a RUR-4 like seen on a few ships in game eg Isuzu class DDE, At least it would give a forward secondary weapon over the non existence squids.

C, Or any ship in their late refit armed with 12.75" torpedoes making it closer to being more then one dimensional in what it can attack with, These torpedoes are also already found on the Chikugo class DDE. (also basic sources eg wiki have mention of heavier torpedoes yet from reading other places haven’t found further mention, Any ideas?).

D, Why not a foreign subclass for the Norwegian or Portuguese navies these are in later life refits or are equipped with armament for service by those countries that could’ve really useful in the mode & give variety (ntm not like this hasn’t been seen before like with the PGM-59 class or Project 183R).

Fourth: just random thoughts,

The ships addition is good for being a replacement to the poxy & near horribly useless Tacoma class Frigate (it’s it’s horrible an the bars THE BARS thats block your cannons WHY!? & the repair pfft it should be sub 1k sl), I’ll say trying to research this Destroyer Escort with that Frigate is probably the single most painful task in game currently especially with the ammunition changes & is the leading cause in cursing rage/bans heh (hm 170k to go atm), E: This draft was a few days old an forgot to cut that number but I’ve basically finished the grind an GE’ed the last 100k rp due to not being arsed, Not having a rangefinder in battle sucks but with experience in game I’m ranging okayishly (wish it had them) the current shell changes make this a bearable stock grind.


Even ships from the beginning of the century have better fire control systems than dealey :) The developers, as always, do crap. And dealey sucks skr’s dick at a long distance :)

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Good news, Inadvertently on the same day I made this thread another player (Longvow) made a bug report on the rangefinders, So hopefully those get added soon in a “it’s fixed No.##” patch.

Hm bugger if only I understood how to upload photos via mobile for this forum & over there, I would’ve done it as well.

Now if only they could model the squids but that’ll be a pipedream.

I don’t know what she’s for, it’s a ship that’s close to the cost of a battleship but as effective as a reserve destroyer.

She has them though ?

They just have the american name for the depth bombs.