Dead Squadron holding good tag. Can anything be done?

Not exactly gameplay, but this issue IS in-game. And squadron creation is a part of the game I suppose.

Synopsis: This particular squadron was created in 2013, with 2 people, and 1 additional person was added and made deputy in 2019. None of the three have any activity as of the past few years. Is the squadron tag locked down forever with these three inactive clowns? :(

I had no intention of blasting specific players or the specific squadron, but if anybody does even a slight bit of digging they will probably find out anyway;
I made a squadron called “-Jetss-” focused around Jet aircraft in War Thunder. These three players are holding down the “[Jets]” tag from a squadron made in 2013 referencing the New York Jets American football team.

It’s a small gripe, but I wish their squadron tag could be forfeited due to their inactivity.

they did have to pay 2500 GE to have it, so they would have to issue a refund if they took it away.

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Yeah he paid 2500 eagles for it, and if nobody in the squadron logs on for an entire year, it should be disbanded and the Commander refunded the eagles, NOT refunded the cash lol.

Let him buy something else in-game for that 2500, OR he can RESTART a new squadron and try not to quit the game for a year this time.

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Point is, there is a limited number of letters and words and symbols, and nobody should be able to lockdown a squadron name then quit. That’s just wrong.

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^ This, actually. ^

So many good potential clan names tied up by 1-2 people from 10 years ago who haven’t played in years.

Pretty much like domain names being parked.