DE-217 USS Coolbaugh

280k RP !!!


As I always say, It ain’t the Coastal TT but the Cost’all TT for it costs all the SL & RP & sanity to play these pointless TT’s (I wish the trees stayed one over this constant BS post split as hell this like many others are bluewater ships ffs).

On the bright side at least it ain’t 380k like the Tacoma class used to be although what’s the repair costs of this Destroyer Escort? As heh that last frigate used to be 54k sl when elited when it was added.

Hm 4.0, I figured as much but huzzah the Alywin isn’t alone anymore.

Hm edit observation, But is that new? or at least a new thing as the 5" is labelled not only the cannon but also the mount.

Maybe they’ll add that to all ships now?

Nearly 50x the research cost for some extra 40mms and a coastal spawn…worth it! (at least until an Alywin salvo reminds you who’s boss! )

Edit - and if it has a Bluewater spawn…ha ha ha ha…

I think better question is why it is really 4.0?

Compared to another small fletcher wannabe harukaze it has less crew, less main cannons, less speed, is generally smaller and more cramped. It will likely or surely lose to other coastals like Terra Nova, Ayanami, Leopard or Koln. I could grind that 300k RP if it was 3.7 tbh, but on 4.0 it seems DoA.

Apparently this ship will use the same destroyer spawn as Alywin.

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it surely will as every frigate

Because destroyer starts at 3.3? For comparison inside coastal, 4.0 is reasonable place compared to 3.3~3.7 frigates. But Gaijin places destroyers at 3.3, so we also have to compare bluewater at same BR.

Solution is simple - decompressing the BR and makes bluewater starts at 4.3+. Which cannot be done because of AB.

I would say it is mainly because moving WW1 battleships up will make them face jets.

I propose diffferent solution:

starting bluewater at 2.0 and decompressing it entirely, together with frigates. It won’t work for RB tho, because there torpedoes have little to no use and mtbs can only cap points. In AB however semi competent S-38b can easily destroy reserve destroyers, while stuff like Pt-15 or V-990 can be a threat to basically any big ship in game.

It would require more intermediate ships too to fill out lineups

So then you could have on the same BR:
reserve-like destroyer with all the firepower and torps but no AA
frigates with more AA and faster guns but less survivable
mtbs with good torps and speed but fragile

mtbs counter DDs, DDs counter frigates, frigates counter mtbs

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The RP needed for this half of Fletcher is enough to unlock from zero to Atlanta and still have some left over.

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well you forgot about Candid, Folaga, Brantford, etc.

Well making HE(or ordinary) bomb ‘historical’ would solve that. HE bomb cannot pen deck armor and give critical damage to well armored cruiser and capital ships.

I don’t bother with them as they are already problematic. Brandtford is still laughably op with only real counter to it being spamming arty and yoloing with torpedoes. ones on higher BRs can either obliterate coastal spawn or they are being obliterated by DDs. So what worse can happen?

they could get spawns further from other coastal vessels. Weaker ones can be on 1.0-1.7 BR - give one cap to fight for and then whatever it is left of them will be able to reach one more pt cap, just like destroyers on low tier coastal maps now.

better gun boats, well, will have to suffer being closer to destroyers and frigates but at least they will seeing weaker variants of both of them.

well balancing air and fleet is a story for another topic:)

F****** Finally, a 5" armed DE for US. Needed it like 2 years ago ~

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Too bad its gonna be food. I don’t think 4.0 fits this things br but it also would be rough for some of the other 3.x

What are you talking about. Its more or less inline with the other Frigates at 4.0. They hold there own well enough, if you know how to work it.

5"/38 cal ammo can rack at a much higher percentage, so aiming properly will bare results. Unlike the 3"/50 cal, even after the 3" rework.

Its much needed firepower for USN coastal.

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Eh maybe its my luck with US 5 inch guns but theybare hit or miss with me

The US 5in are nice guns, but you’ll only have a single barrel at each end with less than great overlap. You will also need to grind to get SAP if you want realistic odds against DDs as I doubt the snail will bless you out the box.

For comparison the Japanese D101 also has a single front 5 but 2 in the back. The British Bissenden and Calpe have twin 4.7s fwd with X turret superfiring with great frontal arcs.

Basically it is not, and never was intended to be a DD counter. Use it as god intended, pray you’re not uptiered and rush to coastal areas SKR style, or 2nd/3rd spawn as AA utilising those 40mms and think of the mains as a bonus.

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That will have to wait for the proposed different BR’s for a/c in different modes

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The mygos, now featuring less jpg: