DE 213 JDS Kitakami

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Classification: Destroyer (DE)
Ship number: Otsu class guard ship 1213
Construction site: Ishihari Tokyo Shipyard
Launch date: June 21, 1963
Completion: February 27, 1964
Retired: November 16, 1993
Origin: From Kitakami River (3rd Kuma-class light cruiser of the former Navy, 2nd generation following Kitakami)
Main gun: 2 Type 68 50 caliber 3in twin rapid-fire guns
Torpedoes:Type 68 triple short torpedo tube
Anti-submarine rocket: M/50 375mm anti-submarine rocket launcher
Depth charge projector (Y gun) x 1
Crew: 183 people
Total length: 94.0m
Maximum width: 10.4m
Depth: 7.0m
Unevenness: 3.5m
Engine: Multi-diesel system
Main engine: Mitsubishi 12UEV30/40 diesel engine x 4
Output: 16,000PS
Propulsion device: Screw propeller x 2 axes
Speed: Maximum speed 25 knots
Displacement: Standard 1,490 tons / Fully loaded 1,790 tons
FCS: Mk.63 artillery fire control system x 2
SFCS-1 Underwater Attack Command System
Type 57 long torpedo launch control device
Radar: OPS-2 for anti-aircraft search
OPS-16 Anti-water search
Sonar: OQS-12 for search
AN/SQR-4 For depth measurement OQY-2 For attack Technical elements

        **short history**

The Isuzu type is a new design based on the operational experience of the Ikazuchi class destroyer, which was planned to meet the demands for higher output and stronger armament. It was the first destroyer to switch to a space-based approach. Incorporated many new innovations. The Kitakami type proposed this time has a big difference in institutional arrangement and armed.
She was commissioned on February 27, 1964, and on the same day, the 32nd Escort Squadron, which was newly formed under the 3rd Escort Squadron, was stationed at Ominato, along with the same type Oito.
1970.7/12-3 While engaged in the National Defense Academy training cruise with Oi, called at Otaru.
Destroyer (DE218) Tokachi, completed on May 17, 1972, was transferred to the 32nd Escort Squadron.
August 31, 1973 Tokachi was transferred to the 35th Escort Group, 4th Escort Group.
Destroyer (DE226) Ishikari, completed on March 28, 1981, was transferred to the 32nd Escort Squadron.
1983 Captain Taku Katsuyama (12th National Defense University) 3/18 Transferred Ishikari to the 35th Escort Squadron and transferred the 35th Escort Squadron destroyer Tokachi to the 32nd Escort Squadron.
March 27, 1985 Tokachi was transferred to the 38th Escort Squadron.
January 31, 1990 Due to the disbandment of the 32nd Escort Squadron, she became an Isuzu-class special ship (2/3, ASU7016) along with Oi, and was placed under the direct control of the Ominato District Force.
11/17 Soviet missile destroyer Kedrov sighted north of Rebun Island
1993.8/21 Called at Hakodate port for the purpose of trial voyage on 11/16 While in the same class, finally removed from the register.
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