Dassault Rafale - Variants, Characteristics, Armament and Performance

So this one is called FLP-T Long range Land strike

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Both. It is ejected before ignition on the fuselage stations, but ignites on the rail from wing stations.

Then that might be the reason why we don’t see such configuration of 20 AMRAAM Yet,…
The dual pod seems to be using rails, and not ejecting systems

Therefore it makes currently no senses to use railed Dual pod on underneath Frame stores

They currently might not have the Dual Pod with Ejecting system that goes under there.

We can found 20 AMRAAM only on synthethized Pictures, and not on actual in-flight photos.

It’s thinked to be 20 AMRAAM, but currently only have access to 16.

Anyway, let’s back on topic : Rafale F.4 have 2 more stores for missiles than the previous standards

They don’t have to be ejected from the airframe if they are on the CFT dual racks there. They are carried far enough from the airframe for successful separation and are distanced far enough front and back to ignite without interference. They are only ejected from the airframe in single store configuration off of the LAU-106

Not proven

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From the video presentation at Thales booth, they claim a meter accuracy at 130km

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Some cool pics found on reddit:

Training in French Guiana in preparation for Ariane 6 launch


More (sick) pics following the training, on the launch day:


Two Rafale B landed in Singapore earlier this week, along with RAF Eurofighter and RTAF Gripen