Dassault Rafale - Variants, Characteristics, Armament and Performance

Probably we will need new type of flare - the smart flare.

Even then if you look at competetors it will be at disadvantage.

For example Gripen can carry enourmous amount of countermeasures and new F-15 models can also do that with BOL Pods, including upcoming F-15C.

Now imagine F-15EX with 22 missiles plus 840CM against Rafale…

I’m going to take a huge guess : i’m not really sure physical countermeasures are that useful in a modern environment. They basically would be the last resort if maneuvering at BVR failed, and if ECM failed too, a bit like armor on a tank compared to LWS, smokes or APS

224 Chaff is not that bad though, i’d say

Ofc its not that bad by any means but more is always welcome.

Even if i feel disadvantaged with the number of CM’s i will use Rafale with pure enjoy.

the 22 missiles while a big difference is starting to give me what and who the hell are you shooting at with all that lol

Uhhh Russian jets xD?

Problem with 22 missiles is that you struggle to give them speed. That’s the price for these huge loadouts unfortunately.

I’d much rather have 4x Meteor i can sling at M1.5 than 20 AMRAAM i can sling at Mach 1, to put i simply ^^’

Well considering F-15EX has new GE engines that gives similiar acceleration and climbrate i dont think it will be too much of an issue.

Without CFT’s EX probably be fine with 12+ missile loadout.

I wouldn’t make up your mind just yet until I go through my books later today and inquire some people


because we have something called SPECTRA - but it will never be implemented on game,…

I dont think SPECTRA system has anything to do with what i said.

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In game it’s be 288 flare/chaff…

SPECTRA is about : Detection, Deception, and Jamming.

Therefore, both Deception and Jamming are considered good enough to limit the use of Physical Countermeasures such as Chaffs

BOL systems are dispensers of previous mentionned Physical Countermeasures such as Chaffs.
Therefore, having BOL systems to be added onto Rafale, have been considered as non-useful.

It also goes more specifically after the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) trials of Spectra suite.

In real life yes however in Warthunder more CM is always better.

Well executed topic with alot of information, i love the looks of the Rafale and i am sure it will come to the game soon. Since the deployment of the JAS Gripen there are no reasons not to implement these, maybe start with the earlier models up to middle ones.

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Likely new AASM variant spotted - Could be an ARM (Anti-Radiation) version of which there are rumors; will be interesting to see what it truly is and whether we will see it on Rafale F.4 or F.5

for clarification; I am not referring to the AASM-250-GPS thats laying on the desk, but the “missile” pointing up


strange, i though the ARM role would go to the FC/ASW… oh well still very cool

Any idea what the missile behind it is (with Safran + MBDA markings on it) ? Never seen it before…
SSABC early models maybe ?

Can check it out if necessary, im there tomorrow

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Thanks !
That would be much appreciated ^^’

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