Dassault Rafale - Variants, Characteristics, Armament and Performance

Air resistance and stealth are neglectable elements LMAO when you know SU57 and Rafale have same RCS even tho Rafale has the arm standing out intern tech + weight is more problematic than static arm

i know i am mostly joking i just dont like the arm it destroys the looks for me XD

I believe from the Eurofighter thread that it could theoretically mount 10, 2 pylons are exclusive to SRAAM’s and 1 for fuel or targetting pods. I believe eurofighters have the wiring but haven’t been integrated across all 10 pylons but I think theyre integrated across 8?

Even at max though its still 10 and not 12, with dual racks on the 2 wet pylons I think it could carry 12.

Rafale I believe the current maximum is 8, I have no idea of the wiring for the pylons though other than the 2 fuselage ones are for pods only.

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This is correct. there are 4 semi recessed pylons and 6 wing pylons which can mount AMRAAM, Meteor or similar, in addition to the 2 tip rails which only do IR missiles such as AIM-9, ASRAAM or IRIS-T.

However due to cost and necessity, only the outer wing pylon carries missiles at the moment so the maximum loadout you’d see on a jet would be 2xIR + 6xARH or 4xIR + 4xARH. thats just air to air missiles though, they sometimes carry 2 bombs, 2 fuel tanks and a tpod with that or maybe even 4 bombs, 1 fuel tank or no fuel tank, 4 bombs and 1 tpod

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I personally might expect gaijin add Rafale M LF.1 at rank VIII or Rafale M F.1 Late in rank IX from French Navy and located after F-8 Crusader in Q4 2024 or Q3 2025

I feel like Gaijin could add F-8P at 11.0 with 2 Magic-2 and RWR,… still no flares/chaffs so not a big problem

I’m not so sure F-8P Crusader could be 10.7 or 11.0 BR in rank 7

You guess 4th generation fighter from french navy after F-8E(FN) & F-8P Crusader gajin could add Rafale M LF.1 or Rafale M F1 (Late) ? 🤔

M F.1 yes (i don’t see the LF.1 you’re talking about, it never existed as M F.1 fighter were later upgraded directly to F.3 standard)

F-8P would be quite a pain in the ass,… after, considering what they have done for F-111A → 10.3 should be fine.

Santa flying a Rafale M (sound on) XD




Proof was found for RBE2 PESA variant having LPI or Low Probability of Intercept, which is a game changer although yet to be implemented in-game on some radars such as the AH-64D.

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Also a feature of the Fox Hunter AI24 on the F.3

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Unfortunate that they haven’t added that still along with 20% reduced detection ranges of the Tornado F.3.


Something I forgot to add; 3x AASM-1000


I look forward create 3 Rafale suggestions from french navy and Indian Air Force (IAF) in the future

  • Rafale M F1
  • Rafale DH
  • Rafale EH

if those are added to France, not a problem - UK will have Gripen and Eurofighter already

Thing is that India will either be a second subtree to britain or a Tech Tree on it’s own so no Inidan Rafale for France on the horizon imo.

Let’s play a game, there’s 1 interesting thing in this photo and I’ll wait and see who can spot it first. @WreckingAres283 already knows and thus can’t participate.



So far Arakneo, Fennec, Chatbonk, WreckingAres, and even the Razbam CM has guessed it!

It is the wingtip MICA EM

This is important because Gaijin might limit the first Rafale F.1 with just a 4x MICA EM and 2x Magic 2 loadout, when it should have 6x MICA EM loadout as optional as well.