"Dare Precedenza" italian decal.

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“Dare Precedenza”.



The Fiat 626 was one of the most famous Italian trucks of the Second World War. It was used on a lot of fronts from Egypt to the USSR to the Balkans and many examples were produced. One of these, found destroyed in an unspecified location, had a particular writing on the engine compartment. The writing was a classic Italian writing, namely “DARE PRECEDENZA”, with the translation for the German allies underneath. The writing was probably applied because the truck would have been used as a means of transport, and being a very heavy but also fast vehicle it required preferential routes to travel.

The decal.

The decal is a simple wording “DARE PRECEDENZA” divided into two lines and written entirely in capital letters. The underlying German translation was also present.

Pictures and drawnings.





Engines of the Wehrmacht in WW2