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Damen Stan Patrol 1605 Patrol Boat, Izreg (247)


Coastal vessel, Libyan National Army Damen Stan patrol boat, “fitted” with a BMP-1 turret.

After the collapse of the Gaddafi regime and start of the Libyan Civil War, Libya was effectively divided in two. The eastern half, based in Tobruk, and the (UN-recognized) western half based in Tripoli. The Tobruk-government and its associated Libyan National Army was unable to wrest control of the decimated Libyan navy. Instead, it was forced to convert civilian vessels into military use, sea technicals, if you will.

In 2012, it ordered 8 Damen Stan Patrol 1605 boats from the Damen Shipyards, of which 4 were delivered the same year, and the other 4 delivered in 2013. Like other vessels, these diminutive patrol boats were outfitted for war in around 2018. One was fitted with a twin 23mm autocannon, another with a twin 14.5mm MG and recoilless rifle combo, but the most peculiar one, likely the boat Izreg, was fitted with the turret of a BMP-1, on a flimsy looking and exposed frame at the bow of the boat. The ATGM rail is still visible, but it’s very unlikely to be still usable, and I’ll be honest I don’t even think the turret can actually rotate. The boat still existed in 2019, but its fate afterwards is unknown. Likely it is still operation with the Libyan National Army.

Specifications: (2018)

1x1 73mm 2A28
1x1 12.7mm DShK

~24 tons standard
~26 tons full

Length: 16.15m

Beam: 5.4m

Draft: 0.85m

Propulsion: 2 Caterpiller C18 diesel engines, 1340 hp, driving 2 Rolls Royce FF 375S waterjets

Speed: 30 knots (55.6 km/h)

Range: unknown

Crew: ~6

2 Furuno FR 1832 Mk 2 navigation radars


The original 4 Libyan STA1605s




No atgm?

I love it, I voted +1, but I have no idea where it would go or if it’d even work. Would be interested to see the others in this class.