Damage score in Naval Battle beein negative

When you deal more than 30k or 32k damage, it turns negative, removing the xp bonus, is it intended?

Sure that is the plan. What did you think? A bug at 32k? Don’t be so naive!

Saw that in a game over the weekend. Looked at their replay and it was a guy in a premium boat just mowing down bots and the few human players. Figured a cheater that the game has flagged.

it is an integer overflow.

if the number is 32767 ((2^15)-1), then if you add 1 more, the result is not going to be 32768, but -32768.
Then, adding 1 again would make it -32767.

It is a bug.

They are storing the game scores in 2 byte ints? lol…

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Yes. It seems.

funny, that they spare memory this way, yet the game just casually allocates 4-5 times more VRAM than the amount it actually uses xd.

They have to pay for it on their servers and datacenters, not on your client…

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Yes, but still. Another 8 bits could make these things not an issue

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it’s a bug, but it has been a bug for a long while. They won’t be fixing it anytime soon, like most bugs in the game that don’t affect top tier ground/air.

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That’s hilarious if it is an actual wrap-around bug on such a small value.

“32767 damage ought to be enough for anybody…”

It could just be how the stats screen displays it though. Have you checked the battle score card thing available from back in the hangar to see what it shows? (I don’t know if it shows damage score but should show the skill bonus)

I got to 36k and got skill bonus without going negative a while ago after buffed damage to coastal might be new bug or something more unique and silly.