Damage models are too inconsistent

With the new event Patria, we can see probably the most detailed damage model to date, with complete turret basket, controls and even part of the autoloader.

The problem i have with this is how it’s the only vehicle with turret that can be disabled by hitting the bottom of turret basket.

Gepards and chieftain marksman have their vertical controls modeled as smaller rings on the axis where the guns rotate on, but for some reason with 2S38 the vertical control is just the motor that rotates the gun instead of the very clear vertical axle we can even see from outside the vehicle… Even PUMA has both the motor and vertical ring modeled.

Gepard horizontal control has both the turret ring and the motor (which is HUGE btw) modeled, but tunguska has turret ring and (god only knows for what reason) the hand crank modeled.

Now this patria has some random boxes all over and even under the turret that can disable the horizontal aim. Basically no matter where you hit the patria center mass, it will always either kill the crew or disable the turret.

Ofcourse as a light vehicle it should be easier to kill, but atleast it should be consistent and have other light vehicles be the same.

These differences give advantages to other vehicles and disadvantages to others, which obviously is unfair.

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I have been criticizing the game’s damage model for years, for me it is one of the three things that makes playing war thunder boring and tedious, shooting someone and killing a crew member while he turns the tower and you get tired kill with one shot
As long as gaijin does not fix the damage model of ALL AMMUNITION, that they correct the volumetric bullets to eliminate the absurd reots, and they improve the penetration calculator a lot, the game will be a mediocre game that holds up because there are people who like tanks and airplanes, and so far a better game of this type has not come out.