"DaEditor is about to crash"

Hello all, I’ve just recently got into CDK mission editor, and while learning how to use it I tried to fly the camera up to see the map borders of the water.bin map. I reached the max alt. and the editor promptly crashed, this has happened to me already so I assumed I’d just reopen it like I have many times before. However this time it refuses to open ANY map I try, deleting the CDK and installing it again has failed. After contacting Gaijin tech support they told me they couldn’t help and directed me here, so I hope this problem has a fix, thanks!


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Well, no one here will be able to help you because that’s a problem on Gaijin’s end.


Its been a bug for about 7 months now. Get used to things being bugged for months before the devs finally fix it. While ago it was broken for nearly a year. Then another bug with ship AI that took 5 months to fix which then caused another bug that broke CDK another 4 months.

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I see, thanks anyways! I do find it kind of suspect how they “dont manage the CDK” tho… Like you’d think they’d have support specialist for that??

If anything, they’ll see it through here.

Just be attentive to the responses to the thread.

I have the same issue, I also contacted support and they linked me here lol… I don’t have high hopes of them fixing it anytime soon. At least for me it only does this on the japan map (guadalcanal.bin) when I look in the direction of the ground map. Clearly an asset fails to load and causes this crash. I would be really mad if it bricked the entire cdk, I guess I’m lucky.

If you need ways to see battlefield areas then a general rule of thumb most maps are 32km x 32km, 64km x 64km and 128km x 128km. With water.bin being the exception of about 254km x 254km range. You should make a square and center it to 0,0,0. Then increase its sizes I showed, you’ll see map outlines or where the map mirrors itself. Some maps arent centered so you’d need to use ground wire mesh to see the actual area and manually center it. Since the devs annoyingly made some maps have limited spaces for tanks and ships them you can use the nav mesh in scene view to see the general area. In ground maps the ground wire mesh and nav mesh helps you see the actual area where tanks are allowed. In sea maps you just need the nav mesh to see the allowed area. Air maps dont have this issue.

Did you Uninstall, Reboot and then Reinstall? Once you uninstall it, go into C:\username\Warthunder folder and delete the WarThunderCDK folder. Empty your Recycle Bin and then reboot your computer. Then try and install the CDK again and see if that works for you.

That WarThunderCDK folder has remnants of the last CDK install in it. Good Luck.