D.520 3D model rework.

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The 2 last years, the D.520 as seen some good FM modification, most of them brought the plane closer to the reality (really nice!), sometimes pretty close to the data avaible in the technical documentation (even if I am not sure about his Cx in game).
Despite all those recent modifications, the 3D model is really old (2013!) , the texture in the cockpit is OK tier but the modelisation is really old, the screw are square, the buttons are hexagones, the COMPAS DOESN’T WORK (I have to do a bug report)…

Yeah, lights...


From the outside, the propeller pan is not even centered in axis, the gear doesn’t fit in the wing…

Landing gear doesn't fit

I understand this plane is not a priority for gaijin, but I saw the dev where pretty fast to right the FM when I did reports for this boy and he is pretty famous in the little french pilots community. (maybe the most famous prop fighter if we doesn’t consider the premium and the CAS for rb)

Here are some comparisons with the D.520 and the Spitfire Mk Vc/Trop (reworked in the 1.77)


Rear gear




Cockpit side


The worst one, the propeller pan is not in the axis:

I hope it can convince gaijin to dev to work on the 3D model of this plane, who is the equivalent of the Spitfire for the french: old 3D model, important plan in the tech tree and an important historical plane: “the french spitfire”
All of that using the HQ client.

(Maybe I am in the wrong section?)


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i hope to see it upgrade because i like this plane and it is very fun to play with

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This isnt the usual type of suggestion but it is also one of the more direct lines to the devs, although it could also work as a bug/historic report. Either way, I’d love to see the restoration/update of a classic plane. Maybe this might even pave the way for more D.520 representation, such as one in the Italian tree (as Italy and the other Axis nations operated many that they captured from France), and a correctly modelled D.521 based on the actual plans for its engine and armament. So you have my +1

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Some bulgarian D.520 or other version of the plane
It could be a fun bug report: “compass doesn’t work”, historical report: “D.520’s fan should be centered”, “D.520’s lights are circular, not hexagonal”, “look at thoses document, the entire gear should fit in the plane”

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New information about the rework needed:

The flaps are also obviously of slotted type irl, they don’t pivot correctly in game. (They even clipped into the wing before, but I bug reported that), also the cannon shouldn’t stick out of the propeller spinner

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the canon’s lenght is a “minor” modelisation inacurracy.
The overall quality of the D.520’s modelisation is terrible.