Cycle between secondary weapons system has changed?

So i have come back to play WT after some months and have noticed a change in how weapons cycling works. When taking my F4 Phantom out in air RB, i bring bombs for bases and and IR guided and fox 1 sparrow missiles. I used to be able to cycle “secondary” weapon and just switch between my missiles.

Now when cycling secondary weapons it makes its loop thru the missiles and bombs? I can’t figure out missile swapping fast enough because I think im on my fox 1s, but in reality im on my bombs, etc, missiles aren’t firing and its all a mess. I have to cycle 4 times just to get back to what I was on. Is this a new change that I missed or am I dumb and forgot? Or is there a workaround for this?

I am pretty sure it has always cycled through all secondary weapons, not just missiles. I know that they did recently change the cycle mechanic but the only thing that was changed was that the same exact weapons are grouped together.

Based on some experimentation, secondary weapon selection goes like this:
First priority is the position of the weapon. Wings are selected first, then fuselage, then bomb bay.
Second is the class of weapon. These classes include rockets, bombs, AGMs, AAMs, GBUs, etc, the stuff labelled on the side of your HUD, in the order they are labelled.
Finally, left to right (on the aircraft, right to left on the custom selection) within these classes in the position.
The exception is duplicates of the exact same weapon type.

Gotcha so there is no way to switch comfortably between solely IR and Fox1 missiles? You have to cycle between the bombs now too?

Depends entirely on how your weapons are distributed, but no, there’s no way to select them specifically.

You always had to cycle through all suspended weaponry since that system was implemented.