CV9040c Stridsfordon and luftvärnskanonvagn

the reload of the bofors gun is wrong in warthunder the ready rack is correct with 24 rounds but the crew reloads the ready carrusel with 8 round magazines while the gun is fireing not like in warthunder where the rady rack is loaded only when the gun is not fireing and not only one round at the time it should be 8 rounds for every reload

and this is common knowledge it even described on the swedish wikipedia Stridsfordon 90 – Wikipedia under magasin

and here is a google translate too english

Combat vehicle 9040 has storage for 234 rounds around the vehicle.[12] These are managed by an ammunition management system built in three parts:

Part 1 is the magazine that sits under the gun. This magazine is divided into three sections, each holding a cartridge row of eight rounds, and is meant to hold one projectile type each.[12] This usually consists of Arrow Projectile, Bullet Grenade, and Explosive Grenade, giving the tank the firepower needed to combat most anything the tank might encounter. To load the weapon with the type of ammunition needed, the magazine is slid sideways to align the correct section with the feed port under the weapon. To refill a section, cartridges are manually pushed in through a port at the top of the rear of the magazine.[18]
Part 2 is a rotating carousel magazine of 48 cartridges placed under the gun.[12][18] This is always in position for the turret crew and allows rapid loading of the gun’s underlying magazine as long as the gun does not have too much dump or elevation (about -8°–+20°).[18]
Part 3 is the remaining cartridge storage located around the wagon. These hold approx. 162 cartridges in total (234−24−48=162)
{\displaystyle 234-24-48=162)} and is used to fill the carousel magazine.


Wikipedia is not a valid source. You need to find the Author or de-classified document / Manual as the source.

But personally I’ve also submitted an submission about this. But it was denied. with no answers to it, I’m assuming its already submitted.

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yeah i was fine with the nerf too the CV90s back in the day when it was the only 40mm+ autocannon but now we have the bmp2m and the 2s38 and the Puma that dosent get this nerf

well speaking for the puma its belt fed?
and 2s38 is just russian fantasy and bmp2m has a belt as well if i’m not wrong

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The implementation of the Strf 9040’s gun is correct, it’s just that the reload speed to refill the 3 magazines should be 20-40% faster as it is in game to make it realistic. you can see the entire reloading process here.


on the back of this, why is it that the 9040C has 104 less rounds than the B, is that historical, or so called balance

I can’t answer for certain, but I did some searching and as it turns out the C-version was upgraded with a spall liner and a new ammunition rack, which may have altered the amount of ammo that could be stored in the same place. Although a 104 rounds less sounds a bit much to lose to be honest, so take my speculation with a grain of salt.

Edit: Could also be the new AC-unit that takes up space.

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