So… I was HYPED for the CV9035DK, and boy oh boy did it NOT live up to the expectation.
First of… Danish varient of the CV90… Speaks Swedish… Second… The Turrent MG, is all wrong…

I tried to contact support to hear about these ‘‘issues’’ and was told to put it in here.
Gaijin… If you need someone to speak the lines for you in Danish in the CORRECT way… Ask this old dog… I will glady help, so that the wonderfull Danish army is well represented!

I really hope to see these things change… and soon… It is just cheap points!
Would you guys agree??

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They will get to the voice lines soon enough. its not easy/Cheap to find VAs especially from a “smaller” country like Denmark. Sweden and Norway are quite large and has a big population.

They usually don’t reach out to random people on the forum, especially if you (Now I don’t know of course) if you don’t have any past experience in Voice Acting-ing

Sure, valid concern.

Of course. And i hope to see more non-Premium Danish & Norwegian vehicles in the TT soon

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Hey man…
Thanks for the Reply, and i see your points.
And i am aware that the chances of them reaching out is near 0.
Would still love to help out, considering i have experience with the communication of the IFV.
One could only hope.
I dont expect them to fix it all at once, but the issue with the MG for examble should be a pretty easy fix.
Dont know game design so i could be wrong here.
I completly agree to the part where it would be amazing to see more Danish and other Nordic machinary:)

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use apds its way better than the sabot, i had a rough time playing it, until the apds ITS WAY BETTER. i drop consistent 5-9 kill games.

apds = armor piercing discarding sabot. So the sabot is better than the sabot?

Do you mean that the APDS is better than the APDS-FS? Because purely mathematically it isn’t, the Fin stabilized shot has better penetration in all situations and according to the wiki even has better post penetration effects.

There could still be something wrong with the shots that would be considered a bug and should in that case be reported.

that is the APDS yes.
what do you mean?

the apds on it is better on angled pen and spall.

i couldn’t capture the spall right but there’s more shrapnel with apds vs the dart which has less

the dart should be better at both spall and angle. It is (at least looking at the numbers at 60 degrees you just posted) better at angles. if it spalls less then that is probably a bug.

idk, all i know is 100+ games and apds is 100% better

i’m not saying that it isn’t better in game right now.
i’m saying it shouldn’t be. so if the APDS is better then something is probably wrong in game.

after some testing in protection analysis it seems like the APDS is ignoring spall-liners (and even looks like its creating spall FROM the liner(??), but i might be wrong).
it is creating large spall chunks and the APDS-FS doesn’t (this is correct for light vehicles at least). But the spall liner should stop the large chunks but it doesn’t.

low caliber sabot has been ruined after the buff, the bradleys gun is basically useless in game rn, apds is the only up side on that thing.