CV9035DK Ammo module size

Just compare it with Japanese Type 89.
I don’t think I need to say anything else, the screenshots have explained it thoroughly.

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Get manuels to change it. Same thing when they nerfed the Strf 9040C’s max ammo from the 300 or so to 120, the ammo model inside didnt change. Besides this thing will die in one hit to the chasis anyways, i mean look at how tight the crew are together.

Those documents are likely either classified, hard to find, or both.

I know that’s the case when it comes to Japan which makes getting anything changed like fighting a war of words in a court battle at times, because so little is good enough for Gaijin to accept for many changes regarding that nation-

Look dont even get me started, my soul nearly left my body after hearing a rumor that the type 89 didnt have a stabilizer irl. I dont think i could live if they removed that from my favorite ifv

They removed the fire-on-move function for, reasons, they nerfed the Type 74’s reverse speed because of a military parade action, nerfed the Type 89 originally with the removal of two ATGM’s, most recently nerfed the gun by making it a ‘first stage ammo’ situation where each round has to be individually loaded and you go through it so damn fast-

And all while the Beglepanzer is still just as strong/high performing as it’s been for years-

This is flatly untrue.

Here’s the actual bug report which lead to that nerf.

As you can tell, they used an official source that explicitly states the gear ratios.

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First time I’ve seen the forum post or heard about it. Few folks I heard it from were saying it was from a military parade clip and no one mentioned anything about the forum.

Still a little funny they pick and choose when to use historical accuracy and when not to though-

It is linked in the changelog for update “Winds of Change” which is when that nerf occured.

It wasn’t even too difficult to find. The folks you’ve heard things from very clearly did not do significant research. Either that or they purposefully turned a blind eye in order to be angry at Gaijin for the wrong reasons.

Edit: Do keep in mind, since that is an old forum post, you need to change the link when you press it otherwise it will not work.

On the link, you have to add “old-” right at the begining in order to see the post, like this.


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Removal also requires equal sources.

Because TOW missiles and their derivatives cannot fire on the move.
Type 89 is still one of the best 9.0 IFVs in the game, better than everything 8.7 and lower.

CV9035 and all other IFVs are held to the same standards.
Find sources, if you’re in Japan… a camera, permission from a museum, and photographs also do wonders.

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Thanks for stating the hardest part, besides traveling to the nation to start with, along with the military complex there being… Usually fairly quiet.

Still a hard x to doubt and that’s while owning the thing pre-nerfs, save for the loss of two rocket pods.

For .3 BR more you can have the Beglepanzer for Germany which is practically better in all relevant regards, the BMP-2 at .3 br lower has a slower rate of fire but doesn’t have a 34 round clip that takes quite a while to restock when not in a cap and has a lower profile while having a rocket pod atop the turret allowing for easier shots while in cover.

Really the Type 89 is one of the only 9.0 IFV’s besides the other Japanese one which is also 9.0. Having something that’s one of the best of a list of… 4, and one of the other’s is another Japanese IFV isn’t saying a whole lot-

Pre-fixes* it was OP, flat out.
It was a lower BR than the vastly inferior BMP-2, and now it’s still superior to the BMP-2 while being correctly 0.3 BR higher.
And CV9035DK is 0.7 higher than the Type 89.

And now I’d say it’s inferior to the BMP and other IFV’s because of it’s lack of endurance, again regarding the ‘clip’ system they did as first stage ammo. Run out of the 34 rounds? You’ve got at least a minute to reload enough to be relatively able to engage the next target and you’ll burn through that in under 10 seconds usually unless it’s absolutely full.

It has plenty of rounds for endurance.
You might mean vs 6 targets at once, which is what the first stage ammo would deal with.
However, the first stage is more than enough rounds to deal with 4 - 10 targets before running out.
Endurance is total amount of ammo.

And with that, the thermals, the vastly superior round, TOW-2 derivatives, and its mobility.
Yeah, it’s superior to the BMP-2.
I know cause I still use the Type 89 and still have zero intention of crewing any BMP that isn’t the Swedish one, or re-using the 2M one day [I have no crew for it anymore].

Unless you’re shooting another IFV or light tank in general, 34 rounds isn’t much and it takes a pretty decent amount of time to reload. ‘vastly superior’ of 40mm more at point blank range doesn’t really change anything for what you’re main targets are to start with, the Russian missile has less pen (but still enough for the BR) and is at least center-mounted meaning it doesn’t have the TOW wobble, with better stealth characteristics due to it’s low to the ground form and similar mobility compared to the Type 89.

The thermals are, nice but they’re still only Gen 1 thermals, which is nice but also not the most useful at times due to low fidelity in any sort of forested or bushy environment. Here’s the other major thing lately; good luck getting a same BR spread at 9.0 when everyone’s running 10.0 premiums especially for Russia, meaning you’re not going to be fighting at your own BR which makes the gameplay experience worse because it sits at the precipice of shit mountain in those regards.

Gen 1 thermals remain my longest range ground to ground frag of 3.3km through a forest [European Province].
Also 9.0 does mean you’ll be fighting at your own BR.
10.0 goes to 10.3, which is beyond 9.0.
Even with 9.3 that’s a non-issue cause you’ll at most only see 4 enemies, and of course 4 friendlies, with 1BR higher than you.

  1. Even at 10.0 I’ve been getting uptiers all day
  2. Good on you I guess, but Gen 1 thermals aren’t the be all end all regardless, and I doubt you did that frag with the Type 89
  3. 4 enemies that, if their an IFV, shred you to ribbons and if they’re MBT’s, good luck penning them without the rockets which launch funny as they’re still TOW derivatives as you’ve pointed out.