CV9030N Mk.III Vingtaqs II

CV9030N Mk.III Vingtaqs II

TYPE: Light Tank/reconnaissance vehicle

1x 30mm Bushmaster II cannon
2x 7.62x51mm FN MAG
Kongsberg Protector RWS 12.7 mm from
12x 76mm Smoke grenade launchers
Vingtaqs II

Engine: Scania DSI 14 litres or DSI 16, V8 Diesel, 810 hp 2300 Nm
Power/weight: 24.1 hp/tonne
Transmission: Automatic
Suspension: torsion bar
Operational range: 320 km
Maximum speed: 70 km/h
Number built: Over 1.000
Mass: 35 tonnes
Length: 6.55 m
Width: 3.1 m
Height: 2.7 m
Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
8 troopers
Rubber Tracks

-There is more and smarter armor ring in the new wagons
-The extra protection and other new equipment mean that the new CV90 MK III has increased nine tonnes in weight, from 26 to 35 tonnes, compared to today’s MK in
-The diesel engine is also upgraded so that the power/weight ratio is still 17 kW/h
-Norway was also the first nation to use rubber belts in this weight class
-The 30-millimeter machine cannon is retained, but it is assisted by far better sensors, sights and upgraded towers
-In addition, the manual machine gun is following the cannon, replaced by an electric coaxial machine gun
-At the top is the Protector Weapon Station (RWS) from Kongsberg which can be equipped with 12.7 mm machine gun or 40 mm grenade thrower

As can also be seen in the picture, the vehicle in the middle wich is the cv9030 equipped the Vingtaqs II, has some changes to the Tower and hull

In the 1980s, Hägglund and Bofors developed a new armored personnel carrier for the Swedish defense as a replacement for a number of other types then in use.

This vehicle was designated CV9040 and is currently in active use in the Swedish Armed Forces (2005). when the Norwegian Armed Forces were to acquire new armored personnel carriers in the late 1980s, the CV9040 was one of the competitors.

After a number of modifications to meet the Norwegian requirements, the CV9030 emerged, and this vehicle was chosen by the Norwegian armed forces

This wagon was chosen as the new assault wagon for the cavalry in 1993. the wagon was to partially replace NM 135 wagons in the cavalry’s assault formations, but mostly they were added to the existing ones for a long time. The first wagon came to Norway in 1993 and in 1996-97 we received 3 more, the remaining 100 wagons were delivered in 1998

Norway was the very first export customer of the Mk,1 variant, followed 4 years later by Finland and switserland who purchased the Mk. 2.

Norway is the first nation to use rubber tracks on the Mk. III. rubber tracks gives better mobility, less vibrations and noise, making the environment better for the crew and increases acceleration as well as reduce the fuel usage.

144 wagons were ordered in June 2012 and they were delivered from September 2015.

These wagons are referred to as CV90 Mk.IIIb. These have the third generation of electronic architecture, which then allows sharing of sensor data. This also provides support for integrated drones. The unmanned weapon station Protector RWS on top is the most visible change on the new and old upgraded Stormpanservogner

Out of the 144 ordered wagons there were multiple variants, here are those:
-74 armored personnel carriers
-21 reconnaissance vehicles (Vingtags II)
-15 battle management vehicles
-16 storm engineer wagons
-16 multi-roller trolleys
-2 training carts

The 21 Reconnaissance vehicles were equipped with the Vingtags II. The verison mounted on the CV9030N Mk.III are a furter upgraded and developed verison of the old, wich was mounted on the first CV9030N Mk.1 around 2008. This is developed and designed by Vinghøg as, Norway

Vingtags II is an observation, surveillance and high accuracy target acquisition system, designed to be used in various scenarios


Vingtaqs II target acquisition system | Rheinmetall

The CV9030N Mk.3 with Vingtags II compared to a multi purpose vehicle on the left and a standard CV9030N Mk.3 to the right



cv90 r — ImgBB



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Vingtaqs II target acquisition system | Rheinmetall
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