CV90105 barrel length

In the game, barrel length is roughly tied to increased velocity/penetration. This is present in vehicles such as the leopard 2a6, cv90120, and the wz4001.
In game, the cv90105 is called the l/50 cannon, which is 2 less than the normal length of a 105mm cannon, as the l7 cannon is a l/52 cannon.

wouldn’t this result in a drop in penetration?

Not necessarily, it also depends on the velocity of the round coming out of it. It can have shorter barrel while having higher velocity offseting the lenght difference.

i think the gun in game is mislabeled.

“The 105mm main gun is the rifled CN 105 C2.”

No, because thats the CV90105 with the TML turret, and that got replaced by the CV90105 XC-8, and the XC-8 turret has the 105mm L/50 gun by Cockerill.

Acording to this that version has the L/51 gun

I couldn’t really find anything to dispute this, I was merely pointing out that you were looking at an entirely different CV90105 variant.

You are correct, i was first looking ats the wrong variant, thanks for that correction :)

Hmm, so it uses the L/51 cannon, but it still uses the generic 105mm dm33. If theres no specialized ammo to compensate for a slightly shorter barrel, it probably would have a minor dip in velocity