CV21(Rolling Demonstrator)

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                           CV21 (Rolling Demonstrator)

Vehicle design and history:

The CV21 was a private venture by BAE Systems in 2012, in an attempt to breathe new life into the lightweight tracked tank market, specifically their CVR(T) Stormer platform. The Vehicle was initially shown as a 3d mock up design at the Eurosatory defence show, in Paris in an attempt to gauge potential customer opinion and the requirements desired for a future IFV for possible export. By this time BAE’s Global Combat Systems arm Sanctioned funds to build a representative demonstrator, but had chosen not to build a full prototype before knowing the full capabilities desired by possible consumers.

The initial idea for the vehicle involved taking the already existing Stormer chassis, and modifying it to between 15 to 17 tons depending on the armour package, along with the capability of be armed with up to a 40mm cannon. The idea was to create a lightweight tracked vehicle offering good overall protection, along with a high mobility in areas where infrastructure such as roads and bridges were lacking, and therefor unsuitable for competing 36-ton to 40-ton platforms, such as BAE’s own CV90 program or General Dynamics Scout vehicle.

The idea for a soft launch was intended to reduce upfront expenditures, and the vehicle was christened CV21, as it is a combat vehicle for the 21st century. Interest for the project was initially gained from Malaysia who were already operating a 20mm derived Stormer IFV, and were looking to modernize. This prompted BAE to begin construction on a full-fledged demonstrator, which would be capable of being taken for trials, to potentially market the vehicle to potential export customers.

Intially BAE intended for the rolling demonstrator to be fitted with the top of the line CTA International novel 40mm case telescoped cannon, mounted in a pre-existing turret, along with capabilities to mount other similar weapons such as the bushmaster, along with ATGM capability, based on the lethality requirements laid out by customers. Unfortunately delays with the CTA cannon, just like with other British IFV programs around the same time proved problematic for the CV21, and instead, a 30mm Bushmaster cannon was fitted on the rolling demonstrator in its stead. BAE budgeted a target price of 1 million pounds for the development of the chassis, and were hoping to export the CV21 to places such as the Middle East, the Far East and South America, with a focus on the 15 already existing export customers who had previously acquired CVR(T) derived vehicles.

The CV21 was based on previous experience BAE had gained from the development of the Scimitar MK.II, in order to create a stormer derivative with improved survivability and additional armour packages. This created a vehicle that was bigger, longer, heavier and wider than its predecessor. This resulted in the CV21 weighing 17 tons, with a width of 2.7 meters and a maximum speed of 80kph. The vehicle is also able to swim, and has a rear escape door and can carry an additional three passengers along with its crew. Unfortunately for the design there was a general lack of interest, and only a Rolling Demonstrator would ultimately be built, adding another vehicle to the British’s long list of failed IFV projects from this period.

Vehicle specification:

Mass 17 tons

Length 5.27 m

Width 2.7 m

Height 2.49 m

Crew 3

Main armament: 30mm bushmaster cannon

secondary armament: 1 coax 7.62 GPMG

Engine Perkins 6-litre, 6-cylinder diesel 250 hp (186 kW)

Power/weight 14.7 hp/ton

Transmission David Brown T300

Suspension Torsion bar

Operational range 400 miles, 650 km

Maximum speed 50 mph, 80 km/h

Additional Photos:

Initial 3d mockup, showing what the projected vehicle was to look like:

Photos of the rolling demonstrator: