CV 90/30 and 90/40 missing IR track

Something I’ve noticed recently is that the CV 90/30 FIN has a modelled UTAAS (universal tank and anti air system) sight which should give it an ability to shoot down air targets as mentioned by SAAB’s very own website ( ). On top of this the strf 90/40C has the same version of the UTAAS sight as found on the lvkv 90/40C yet it doesn’t get the same tracking features. Somebody has probably already brought this up idk but I’ve always wanted them to get IR track even before I started looking into it.


This has been a topic of debate for a long time.

Gaijin’s position is that the UTAS sight does not provide target tracking, they believe the gunner has to manually keep the crosshair over the target and the sight then automatically aims the gun to give it the correct lead.

Apparently the Lvkv 9040C only has target tracking in game for balancing reasons as it’s an SPAA.

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Is that how it does work, or just how they believe it works? I have very little knowledge of the CV series. My attention was brought to this subject by a player in game talking about it.

Here is a video explaining how the UTAAS sight works in Steel Beasts. Obviously Steel Beasts is not real life, but seeing as Denmark use it for training their CV90 crews we can assume it is a very accurate representation:

The behaviour you see in that video pretty much matches what the devs are saying. He manually keeps the sight pointed at the aircraft, uses the laser range finder twice (presumably so the sight can tell whether, and how fast, the target moving towards or away from you), then the FCS automatically leads the cannon so it hits so long as he keeps the reticule pointed at the aircraft.

kinda sad cause they said the same about the JA37D-C and the STRV103’s which are both missing alot of shit.

Automatic lead would require a game improvement, and would be a decent suggestion.
But yeah, the lock functionality is limited to the FCS of the SPAA variant it seems.

since its not Russian it wont ever be changed
look at the 2S38, crewless turret, air tracking, proxy, etc.
STRV-103 have a 2sec reload IRL, but since it’d be to “OP” they refuse to add it

2S38 is missing it’s full-ammo stage.
HSTV-L had that issue in the past.
STRV-103 does not have a 2 second reload.

My bad 2.8 sec reload

Still doubtful.
Also in-game reloads also account for realism of gunner inefficiencies that a video game cannot simulate without a slightly elongated reload.

its an auto loader, no human interaction


Even if it doesn’t work like that IRL the fact the 2S38 which didnt even see service yet in the Russian Army was added and given it but the CV 9040 get put at the same BR and don’t get it given to them is some bias if I have ever seen it.


the 9040s are fine at their BR tbf and they have pro’s over the 2S38 like the faster fire rate but also lets not forget the 2s38 is a literal anti air irl so I’m really not too sure if its Russian bias that’s behind that things IR tracking

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its anti everything according to Gaijin cause its a prototype that hasn’t been tested to well with zero combat test, but since its russian it “HAS” to be OP.


So the Leclerc is datamined to get auto tracking. Is this a laser based tracker similar to the FCS of the Abrams/CV90s or is it an optical tracker? It would be really funny to see the CV90’s auto tracking dismissed but the french MBT one implemented if it was the same :^)

Just give the CV90 their actuall real service air round (95LK) instead of the old one and it would solve most issues. For the cv90 B models they should also receive the m/01 apsfds round like the c model. They use it in real life and not the old one so… By giving those two i think most discussions about the older cv90s would steam off.


No, it wasn’t. Just because the sensor has been in the files for years and got universal changes alongside other sensors, doesn’t mean it’s suddenly used.