Customizable Drop Tanks

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Hello everyone!

I’d like to propose the possibility to reskin drop tanks. For those who don’t know, currently artists can create custom skins with the tool in game or through the Asset Viewer.

The tool in game only gives us the template of the aircraft itself.


Sans titre-1

If you want more than just the aircraft you need to go in the Asset Viewer to get the pylons.


Sans titre-2

I’d like to know if it would be possible to add drop tanks in the Asset Viewer just like how pylons, gun pods, etc are. If I’m not mistaken, drop tanks are the only thing remaining apart from the weapons that artists can’t reskin as of now.

How could we see customizable drop tanks implemented in game ?
Like I said above, adding them to the already existing place in the Asset Viewer where you can find the pylons (and such). To make sure the game isn’t getting confused with which drop tanks is paired with which aircraft, they would need a new nomenclature. Something like this should work; f_15a_drop_tank_610_gallons, f_15j_drop_tank_610_gallons, f_15a_iaf_drop_tank_610_gallons. Of course it would depend on the exact name of each aircraft and the amount of fuel carried by the drop tanks for that specific plane.

Customizable drop tanks would help artists to recreate paint schemes with even more realism. They are usually a huge part of modern camouflages and it would also give more freedom to the artists who create fictional skin for their aircraft.

Some examples;






Thanks for the consideration!

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Instant +1
More customization options for aircraft are much needed