Custom Sound Mods Temporarily Unavailable (Server Update 19.06.2024)

We’ve disabled the use of custom sound mods for the time being due to conflicts with the current version of the game. If you’ve encountered a game client crash due to the use of sound mods, please submit a report on the CBR platform indicating the sound mod used and the crashID that you can get when sending a crash report. This will greatly help us restore the functionality of sound mods for all players as soon as possible.


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Is there any workaround?
I’ve been using the Argentine voice lines for all ground units. The workaround before of changing the “_crew_dialogs_ground_en” name file to “_crew_dialogs_ground_ar” no longer works as the game overwrites the files…

Apart from the sound mod, PVE or Assault Mode does not give any RP/SL reward now, but we do get the booster reward, the issue had been submitted by someone else.
PVE reward

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Please re-enable them as soon as possible so I can use a sound mod.

Never used one before but these sound changes are awful and I need to override them. Artillery shouldn’t make a plop sound.


I agree. Getting shot up by CAS, because you can’t you hear them is getting tiresome, and making the game unplayable. Guns shooting that are 100m away but sound like they are on the others side of the map, arty that makes no real sound, please just revert to the sound effects prior to this new update until the issues are solved.


plz fix it asap, thx

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insert waiting half a year or 3 years before its “Fixed”


i HAVE spent a ton of money on this game, and am willing to spend even more in the future.

All i am asking is for you to re-enable these sound mods.

Reenable epic thunder sound mod!!


Does anyone know why the SU39s camera cannot lock on targets now, and the mercury pod too?

Since when WT sounds are so bad??? i remember before start using sound mods the vanilla sound were ok, but right now…are horrible!!!


When will it be enabled again ? Everything sound like a saturated sound from a PS2 game now…


You would of thought that this problem would of been sorted out or discovered during the Dev Server process.


Any ETA on the sound mods coming back?

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Hope it soon. I forgot just how terrible the aircraft sounds are.

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man i thought it was broken i reinstalled the game because of this xD now i know lol … i hope they reactivate this asap :(

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I also thought the update broke sound mods because (presumably) new sound tracks were added with the Dutch/Belgian stuff.

But still, thank you for the clarification, Stona. I use a music mod (the very popular Ace Combat Music Mod by Rooftop Korean on WT Live) and Epic Thunder III for the engine/gun sound effects. Hopefully this gets re-enabled soon.

Sad state of a game when you gotta rely on the modding community for basic functionality. Then, you go and get rid of that bare minimum?—Like, really? Snail will snail.

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Please put some priority on readding sound mods, they make the game a lot more enjoyable


Totally true.

But honestly the new sounds from seek and destroy were awesome. Expecially the explosion one. But they removed it :(