Custom Sound Mods Are Available Again (Server Update 27.06.2024)


We’ve got some good news to share! Sound mods are now back. You can find out more on how to use them in War Thunder on our Wiki.

Thank you for all of your reports and feedback that helped us solve issues surrounding sound mods.


Yipee :DDDDD

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I still have a problem with normal sounds in the game and submitted a bug report. I hope it will be solved quickly.

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The voicelines for ground vehicles don’t seem to be working for me. Radio messages work fine though (when using custom sounds)

How do we enable sound mods now? I’ve added the lines to the config.blk file but in the game audio settings I am missing the option to enable custom sound mods. Is there anyway to fix that?

sound mod for ground vehicle crew seems to not work but sound mod for music is working. Is there a reason why to that? Or is it just because the sound mod for the ground crew i’m using is not updated after the update?