Custom Skins for Secondary Weapons

Would you like to apply skins on secondary weapons in-game?
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Currently in game, players can use various custom skins for air vehicle. However there are some exceptions: jettisonable stuff, like missiles / rocket and rocket pods / bombs / external fuel tanks / some launchers and bomb racks are unable to be customized by user skins.


The problem is, sometimes we cannot completely describe real life aircraft because of this limitations. For example, paintings on aircraft’s fuel tanks are cannot be described in game even with custom skins.

Training munitions, with blue colored or blue striped warhead/rocket motor section


Color, texture variants of existing weapons

Needless to say, describing the training munitions or specific variant of current weaponry are also impossible.

Therefore, I think it would be good to be able to apply skins to these secondary weapons. It’ll help to portray real vehicles more accurately, while expanding range of creativity.


I think acceptable Customed skins of pilots can be applied,too.With that I can custom my pilots or other members’ helmets
However replacing the whole pilots models is too much,like the Japanese premium AH-1S.
But at least a customed helmets could be good.For example, I want to paint my Mig-28(F5) pilot’s helmet balck and add a Soviet red star,like Top Gun did.And in reality a lot pilots would customlize their helmets.

+1 from me
This, custom pilot helmets, and custom drop tank decorations could add a very neat layer to market skins, or maybe even become their own form of customization (sorta like a decal)