Custom Mission showing as Blank Water Map

I have attempted to follow multiple tutorials to ensure this was done and upon final prep, I have gotten it to download through the Custom Missions URL but the map is blank. There is nothing there what so ever, whether or not the tutorial has shown me how to properly do so is beyond me as the need for up-to-date information is quite heavily unavailable. How do I fix this? What am I doing wrong?

My faith at this point to get any help what-so-ever is nonexistent at this point. The amount of “Help” this forum is providing is astonishing for how many people I see go answerless… If only the “Tutorials” were actually helpful…

It seems you are using water.bin which is the default, this is the first window when opening the Mission Editor. Uploading your mission for people to test what is wrong is also a good idea, you’ve not really provided anything for anybody to give you help.

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