Custom hangars not working

None of the custom hangars work for me

I put the hangar_devlog.blk file into the War Thunder directory C:\AppData\Local\WarThunder
(not steam, windows 11 and War Thunder version idk if that helps).

Then I edit the config.blk file and add the line hangarBlk:t="hangar_devlog.blk".
But when I open up the game, the hangar stays the same.
I’ve tried many hangars and none of them work for me.

I’m only trying to change it because I have low fps in hangar so if there’s like to hide the whole hangar please tell me.

The hangar I’m trying to use.

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Don’t have the extension in the line of code in the config file. ie " hangarBlk:t=“hangar_devlog” no “.blk”

My bad it was a typo

Still won’t work

You sure the hanger.blk got extracted to the main /Warthunder directory and not somewhere else?


I’ve had the same issue for years. Custom hangars just do not work for me anymore. I’ve tried dozens of times. Made sure all the code is correct, made sure all the files are in the right spots, i’ve uninstalled multiple times. I don’t know how issues can target me like that, across multiple installs.