Custom game practice

Hello, I’m a new player trying to set up custom games to get better so I’m not quite as much cannon fodder for the other team in actual games. However, I’ve found that the bots in the games I set up are worse than I am with a BR of 3.3. While it’s certainly helped me learn to line up shots on targets that make a minimal effort to evade, it’s not really pushing me to develop any additional skills. I read the tutorial on how to set up custom games (by CheshireCat if I recall correctly?), but in that tutorial it shows an option to increase bot skill that isn’t on my custom game screen. Is this something I get access to later on or am I missing something? Thanks for any help you’re able to provide.

I think I know what you are looking for. On the plane you want to use, click on test flight. On the bottom left corner of the screen that pops up, click on ‘Mission Editor’. That has options for the skill level of the bots.

No, I’m actually talking about setting up a custom game with bots so I can practice against them and get a little better instead of simply getting mowed down in actual games. I looked up a couple of different tutorials on setting up a custom game and they both show a setting to set the minimum skill level of the bots, but on my screen I don’t have the option to set the bot skill level, only the max BR (which I leave at 12). The problem is… the bots are terrible. I mean really, really bad. I’m not good and I can kill 8-10 of them in a 10 minute mission. I’d like to find out how to raise their skill level so that I can in turn get better by flying against them. I looked at the mission editor within test flight and I don’t see the option to set a bot skill level there either.

Custom battles dont have a setting for bot levels.
The closest thing custom battles have is a setting for the rank of the bots but that only changes what vehicle they use. The mission editor is the only place I know with it.
The mission editor is pretty much what you are looking for. It is basically you and a group of bots vs a group of bots and you can change their vehicles and skill level.

When you open the mission editor, there is a list of settings on the right. It is there. You can change the enemy team’s level and your team’s level seperately.

This is what I’m talking about. if you look under the “air & ground assault/custom battles/personal favorites/options” section, there’s a screenshot showing a dropdown menu under the Bots slider that allows you to select their rank level.

I did see what you were talking about in the mission editor, the bots are set to “veteran” by default. I’ll try that and see if they’re any more difficult that the bots in the custom battles since I can’t seem to get access to that drop down menu for some reason. Thanks for your help.

That does not change their difficulty. It only changes what vehicles they use. Setting it to rank 6, for example, means that the bots will be in rank 6 planes. They will still, more or less, fly the same as they would in a rank 4 plane or 3 ect.
As far as I am aware, the mission editor in test flight is the only place where you can change their difficulty.

Gotcha. Apparently the only way to get practice is to continue to get pounded in actual games lol. Appreciate the help!