Custom Clean Loadouts For Phantoms

There used to be a way in custom loadouts to make a completely clean loadout where you selected nothing like you can with many aircraft but with the removal of the countermeasures modification before entering a custom, your aircraft would be completely clean and without Pilons. This would completely reduce any extra drag produced by the pilons existance ingame and let Pilots in Phantoms experience what a true clean Phantom was like to test against others the differences in performance clean.

Since the last major update now even if you remove the modification for countermeasures the clean loadout still keeps the pilons in place and presumably the drag involved.

Is there anyway for those pilons to disappear like they did before when using a clean loadout which removed the pilons when you deselected countermeasures. Many aircraft like the tornados can fly completely clean without the drag and weight of pilons on their wings.

It was a nice feature and it would be nice to have back and maybe spread to other aircraft for example aircraft like the F-14’s with their underwing pilons maybe being removed when using a clean wing payload configuration for it to also be fully clean. What are everyones thoughts?

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I think with the addition of stock flares that is why phantoms have that pylon on all the time. there would need to be a fully clean option they need to add.

You may be correct Fireraid, I had not thought of that.

It would be really useful. Can you post it in the suggestions section?