Custom Battles To Allow Fixed Boosters On Aircraft Unlimited Fuel Aswell

Since the addition of unlimited fuel being a setting you can create on maps such as pilotage and other custom player made maps. Many have used it to their hearts content with aircraft that would either be restrictive to fly with maximum fuel all the time or for those with rocket aircraft with 6 minute of fuel such as the Me-163’s.

Now for the owners of aircraft with booster containing thrusters like the Me-262’s and so forth, it is quite puzzling how all other aircraft have unlimited fuel for all of their engines, however the hybrid rocket thruster aircraft such as the me-262’s do not. This then get’s in the way of enjoying the differing performances such thrusters can provide the standard aircraft by limiting them to normal fuel timers in unlimited maps.

It’s not a giant change and won’t effect the game as a whole in any way as it is secluded only to custom battles, but it will be something that will be appreciated by those owners of such aircraft in the gamemodes with limited fuel turned off.

(I will also just add here this change is not for RATO/JATO concept booster rockets that when used up on takeoff fall away from the aircraft, such as those on the A-4’s, IL-28’s, Arado 234’s and the Me-264. As those are not throttable/cannot turn on and off in combat or climb and are single use boosters that fall away from aircraft).