Current status of "not receiving XP for modules/vehicles" bug

Hi all,

there is a bug that sometimes a surplus of XP won’t be credited for a new module or vehicle.
When you search for that bug you will find topics like this: // Issues

They say that it’s a known issue and link to this:

But this link seems to be a russian overview of forum topics.
As the conversation in the issue topic is closed I cannot ask about the current status.
Maybe someone can tell me here in this forum if that bug will ever be fixed?

I’ve been playing this game for almost 12 years and I experienced this bug very! often.

You can call it a bug if you wish. If you understand what actually happens, you can avoid it or make it work to your advantage.
But you sound as if you have not yet figured out how the system works.

Do you refer to that statement that this bug only occurs when leaving a match early?
This bug also happens when finishing a match.

Is there any info from the devs concerning this bug?

By the way: How do you make that bug to your advantage?

Then you have left a previous match early.

The bug is very annoying but can be circumvented.

They used the same counter elsewhere in the past. They stopped. Guess why.