Current state of Naval Forces is ABYSMAL!

Ill also add that what truly surprises me is with the current state of Naval as it is, it is not something that was known or predictable. They knew this is the way it would be back in 2016 when they introduced Knights Of The Sea. So why after 9 years are we still here with little to no change 🤷

When I face Scharnhorst at close to medium ranges I always aim for the A + B turret array (full AP). When a salvo lands there, It will result most likely in a fatal ammo detonation. Thats the only spot I attack, sooner or later it lights up. Sometimes with the first full hit. This works for almost all BBs, though. Shoot the main calibre turrets with AP.


Yep - shoot at BB/BC turrets with AP for best results…